Pat has grown as a person since joining just over a year ago and we look forward to the next year

Peter and Andy
Parents of Rivar and Eva. Peter also trains

Watching our two children, Rivar and Eva grow in life, with skills and capabilities learnt from Karate over the last 4 years has been a fantastic and rewarding experience for us as parents. Their characters have developed from shy to focused and humble individuals. The Instructors at classes take a personal interest in all students and their overall development, for us as parents it’s about the longer term journey knowing our children are becoming more confident, and socially resilient young adults. And yes Peter (Dad) trains with them!!

Paul Coleman Kyoshi
Oxford Karate Academy

I’m extremely pleased to see Harvey now running another dojo in support of Seiwakai in Australia. I’ve been fortunate to share time with Harvey and Fiona whilst they’ve been in Japan. Lovely folks and totally committed to teaching Goju Karate. Best wishes for a successful dojo, Paul Coleman Kyoshi 8th Dan All Japan Karate-Do Seiwakai 7th Dan Japan Karate Federation Gojukai